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At our school, we offer a comprehensive and engaging English program, specially designed to equip students with the language skills they need to succeed, with a particular focus on preparing them for the GED (General Educational Development) examination. Our English curriculum emphasises the development of grammar and vocabulary while nurturing strong writing skills. We also employ creative lessons and interactive games to make the learning process enjoyable and effective.


Here's a summary of the key features of our English program, along with an important addition:

Grammar and Vocabulary Development: We place a strong emphasis on building a solid foundation in English grammar and vocabulary. These foundational skills are essential for effective communication, both in writing and speaking.

Writing Skills: Our program is designed to develop students' writing skills, ensuring they can express themselves clearly and coherently. We provide the necessary guidance and practice to help students become proficient writers.

GED Preparation: Recognising the importance of the GED as a qualification for many future endeavours, we integrate GED-focused materials and strategies into our English curriculum. Our students are well-prepared to excel in the English language components of the GED exam.

Creative Lessons: We believe that learning should be engaging and fun. Our creative lessons are designed to spark students' interest in the English language. We use various teaching techniques, including multimedia and interactive activities, to keep students motivated and enthusiastic about their studies.

Games and Interactive Activities: To enhance the learning experience, we incorporate games and interactive activities into our lessons. These not only make learning enjoyable but also reinforce the retention of language skills.

Individualised Support: Our teachers provide personalised support to address each student's specific needs, ensuring that they receive the attention and guidance required to excel in their English studies.

Collaboration with Educational Psychologist: In addition to our comprehensive curriculum, we work closely with an educational psychologist who helps us develop specialised individual plans for our students. These plans are tailored to address specific learning needs, ensuring that every student receives the support they require to thrive in their English studies.


In summary, our English program at the school is designed to foster strong language skills, focusing on grammar, vocabulary, and writing proficiency, all while preparing students for the GED examination. We place a strong emphasis on creative and interactive learning, making education enjoyable and effective. Additionally, our collaboration with an educational psychologist ensures that each student benefits from a specialised individual plan, further enhancing their learning experience and success.

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