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In our Shelanti Afrikaans program, we offer a dynamic and hands-on approach to language learning, specifically tailored to prepare students for effective communication in a bilingual work environment. Our curriculum focuses on practical language skills, teaching conversational Afrikaans, and decoding key terminology. Through immersive activities, role-playing scenarios, and interactive discussions, students engage with the language in a hands-on manner. This ensures that they not only grasp the linguistic nuances but also develop the practical skills needed to thrive in real-world Afrikaans-speaking contexts.


Key Features of Our Afrikaans:

  • Hands-On Conversational Learning: Our approach emphasises hands-on, conversational learning, allowing students to actively participate in dialogue, ensuring practical language acquisition.

  • Real-World Terminology Decoding: Through hands-on activities, students decode key Afrikaans terminology commonly used in professional settings, ensuring they are well-prepared for effective communication in the workplace.

  • Immersive Role-Playing: We incorporate hands-on role-playing activities, enabling students to simulate real-world conversations and scenarios, and reinforcing their language skills in practical contexts.

  • Interactive Discussions: Hands-on discussions and group activities encourage students to actively engage with Afrikaans, fostering a deeper understanding of the language's nuances and cultural context.

  • Cultural Integration: Beyond language skills, our program includes hands-on exposure to Afrikaans culture, literature, and traditions, providing students with a well-rounded appreciation of the language.

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