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Who are we?

The Shelanti GED Center Of Excellence is a home school that focuses on children with ADHD, ADD and other minor learning difficulties. The center will follow a Home school curriculum that will allow the learners to begin their GED at the age of 17. We are specifically catering to learners who find the CAPS curriculum content heavy, but still want to obtain a qualification equivalent to a matric (national senior certificate). The home school will operate from a new premises, College House Business Park, Parklands, Cape Town, 7441. Located in Parklands behind the Spar in a business complex called College House, unit 5. The acquired  land departure rights have been obtained from Shelanti’s new home school environment will enroll a maximum of 24 learners between the ages 12(grade 5) to 16. If your child is 16 or below, then He/She will follow a Pre-GED curriculum, this will be The Footprints home school curriculum. See below for more information. A variety of extra curricular activities will be on offer, some of which will be in connection with Shelanti Private school’s activities, ensuring a well-rounded experience. We as Shelanti GED Center Of Excellence 

What is the GED?

The General Education Diploma is an American alternative to the CAPS curriculum for leaners who still want a qualification equivalent to a metric (national senior certificate). The leaners who attend the Shelanti GED Center Of Excellence will follow a Homeschool curriculum until they are of the legal age (17) to write the GED Test. The exams will be written at your nearest Boston College Campus. The cost is dependent on the exchange rate: $75 +- R1100. Your tutor will confirm when you are ready to write your exams. Exams bookings are available online via the GED website. The GED consists of 4 exams: English: reading and writing, math, social studies and science. More Info?

Please Note*

If your child is 17 or below, then we will enroll them through the Shelanti GED Center Of Excellenece home school. This will prepare them for the GED exam, when they turn 17. APPLY NOW!

Our Curriculum?

                                                           We Aim To:

  • Provide a homeschool curriculum that caters for your child’s individual needs and is fun and attractive. 

  • The children can work at their own pace and level in mathematics.

  • We want to help develop your child to their full potential without unnecessary assessments and content. 

  • Interactive experiments and activities for each science topic.

Developing skills that could bring in an income as an adult one day 


                                                         English & Social sciences:

  • South African, Story-based curriculum.

  • Developed by South African homeschool mom’s Shirley Erwee and Wendy Young.

  • Each theme is linked to a historical story about South Africa starting with the Khoi-San


Math-U-See assigns each book a level rather than a grade. Each level focuses on one main topic, with a few sub topics (money, time or measurement) mixed in. 

  • Gamma (3rd grade:) multiplication 

  • Delta (4th grade:) division 

  • Epsilon (5th grade:) fractions 

  • Zeta (6th grade:) decimals and percentages

This intense focus on one topic at a time ensures that the topic is fully mastered by the end of the level.

EACH CILD will write a placement test to make sure that they start on a level best suited for them. One on one - group touring. Own resources. More Info?


  • Every lesson has a hands-on experiment or activity.

  • Every lesson has three levels of review (youngest students, older students, and oldest students). We use it for all elementary ages.

  • Rather than concentrating on a particular topic each year, the courses cover science in a historical framework. This book deals with the beginning of history - creation. The student learns the science behind every day life, so by the end of the year, all scientific areas have been touched on.

  • The section will be tested to ensure consolidation of the content.

What is Shelanti Private School?


"Shelanti Remedial School in Parklands’ vision is to provide learners with the opportunity to acquire the appropriate life skills so that they may become assertive, responsible and accountable members of society. At Shelanti Private School we strive to create an atmosphere of acceptance, mutual respect, creativity and dignity for all. We are a school with an inclusive learning environment. Our aim is to provide an individual approach to all our students by focusing on their unique talents, aptitude and learning styles. We focus on the process of learning and celebrate each achievement, ensuring academic excellence. Shelanti follows and excels in the National Curriculum (CAPS)."More Info?

We As Shelanti GED Center Of Excellence Do not follow the CAPS curriculum, We follow a Home school curriculum as previously stated above.

How will we link with Shelanti Private?
  • We will join with Art, Phys-ED and chess.

  • We will join in on special Occasions such as runs and other activities.

  • School assemblies and school events 

  • Code Of Conduct ~ School Uniform 

  • Admission assessments - Applications based on Shelanti’s customs and standards.

We Also Offer 


  • Helps to develop sportsmanship and team spirit. It is essential to keep teen fit and healthy.


  • Encourage creativity and give them a chance to express themselves and lean about some of the great South African and international artists.


  • This is becoming the most in-demand skill across industries. We want to develop skills that the kids will be able to use and develop later on in life.


  • Helps unleash your originality, since it activates the right side of the brain. It also helps increase problem solving skills.

Touch typing:


  •  It is difficult to type something while reading it if you have to look down at the keyboard every other stroke to find your next key.



  • If you increase your typing speed from, say 30 words per minute to 60, you have effectively halved the time it would take you to do the same amount of work.


  • Typing is both mentally and physically exhorting to do for long periods of time. Learn how to type properly reduces both mental and physical fatigue.

Job prospects.

  • Typing is not an optional skill anymore. Many employers require computer skills and a certain typing speed to even be considered for some positions. 


  • When your typing with two fingers, your focus is split between finding the keys on the keyboard and the work you are doing on the computer. Leaning to type allows you to focus on one thing instead of two. This tends to increase productivity and make it easer to pay attention to the details of the project rather than having to focus on the keys.

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