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"A good teacher is a determined person"~ Gillbert highet

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Fayth Hansen
Principal  And Teacher

Hi, I am Fayth. 

I have been teaching since 2006 and I love my job! I have had the privilidge of teaching on many different platforms and with many amazingly gifted learners.  

Teaching here has been my biggest challenge and definitely my most rewarding.  Kids are the future, when we realise that the future sits before us, the responsibility is on us to raise caring children who think critically and have learned to learn.  In this way we should have healthy, heardworking adults who love and care for their community.

Julie Berquin

Dear Learners and Parents,

I was born in Durban, number eleven out of twelve children.  There were so many of us that my mother ran out of names.  My name was chosen from a liturgical calendar with saints names.

My first school uniform was bought before Christmas. I did not want to take it off after it was purchases.  The day I learned to read, and understood what I was reading, is the day I joined the library and proceeded to ready more than half the books in the entire library.  Dictionaries were the coolest books ever.  I taught myself French and a couple of other languages.

Travelling is another way of learning.  My first international trip was to England at the age of twenty.  Since then I have lived in USA, Switzerland, Namibia, Mali, Guinea (Conakry), Tanzania, Zambia and DR Congo.  I have also been on holiday to a bunch of other countries and the travelling excitement starts from the packing and being in the airport.

Because of some of the countries we lived in, my sons were homeschooled until grade 8.  I also spent a couple of years tutoring.  I re-did my matric in 2014 and started my Bachelor of Education through Unisa. 

I do enjoy passing on the knowledge because knowledge is power and everyone should be empowered. Education is not only about school but all the different experiences life offers.  We all have a role to play.  Buckle up and enjoy the adventure of finding your role.

Bridget Lekola

I am Bridget, I love working with kids hence I have taken this path in education. I love reading and learning new things as the curriculum always changes, I'm a person of vision who always wants to see others succeeding especially young generation who will uplift our country some day. My dedication to teaching started when I was still a learner (student) myself that I'd take my own time and help those who had difficulties in other subjects.


My vision had always been on being helping others to be the best on what they want to be, not because my mother had taken the same path but because I had it in me.

Carol Esterhuizen

I am super privileged to be part of admin support to this amazing school. Watching how teaching happens here, as well as seeing the children develop & progress in all areas of life, is just wonderful. I love working with the team of other staff, teachers & Fayth our principal. The students naturally accept her leadership as her teaching heart makes them comfortable in their school environment. They are always encouraged to grow & learn creatively with her leading them & the teachers.


I am a mom to a daughter, Sarah (my heart). I do everything moms do & probably some crazy stuff too!

I love to be in nature, hiking, swimming in the ocean (1st recently of many) & enjoying creation. I feel alive when I’m active outdoors. I’m a friend of Jesus too, so I love to spend time with God & other friends of Jesus.


I look forward to continue being a part of how Fayth’s vision for Shelanti GED Centre of Excellence makes a difference in the lives of the students who learn here.

"My child has loved the new learning environment - he struggled at school before he came to you.  Thank-you for helping my child love school again" ~ Parent 2019

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